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Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League


Oakland's Lindsey Barrett is the Pre-Season Player of the Year for the WCLA DII.

By Too Hi Upp

   BALTIMORE - Lindsay Barrett is the best player in the WCLA DII ranks, according to the Lacrosse Magazine pre-season poll. The start of 2016 is inching closer and with the opening whistles of practice for the next collegiate lacrosse season looming just on the other side of the holidays, it's time to take a look at who the best and brightest may be for the season to come.

Lacrosse Magazine had selected five finalists for each division in NCAA and the MCLA and WCLA club ranks and ended making Barrett the top pick.

Fan voting was conducted in December and the final fan votes will appear in the February issue of Lacrosse Magazine, alongside our staff picks.

The five finalists for the WCLA Division II Preseason Player of the Year were Lindsay Barrett (Oakland), Gabby Costabile (Loyola Club), Kelley Dingens (Denver Club), Amy Fuggie (Dayton) and Alexandra Kyte (Concordia). 

Lindsay Barrett, Oakland, Sr. M

Prolific midfield scorer who established new WCLA records with 25 goals in four games at the 2015 national tournament.

Gabby Costabile, Loyola (Md.) Club, Sr. M

A two-time, first team All-American midfielder who has helped lead Loyola to consecutive national semifinal appearances.

Kelley Dingens, Denver Club, Jr. D

Last year's national defender of the year who is trying to lead the Pioneers to a third straight national tournament berth.

Amy Fuggie, Dayton, Sr. G

Reigning Division II goalie of the year who limited 12 of 16 opponents to four goals or less last season.

Alexandra Kyte, Concordia (Calif.), Jr. A

All-America attacker who led Concordia to a 15-3 record and WWLL title in 2015.


This is a picture of the WCLA Roster Verification form due February 1, 2016 to WCLL President Gary Neft.

By Chris P. Bacon

   DENVER - The 2016 WCLA lacrosse season is just around the corner and there are a number of deadlines looming that must be met by member teams, said a spokesperson for the WCLA national subcommittee.

   Jules Verne, aboard his submarine, said Monday that WCLA team officers should take note about the upcoming deadlines to ensure compliance.

   "Please check the deadlines in this communications and make sure you comply with the dates otherwise your program could be in jeopardy of breaking the rules," Verne quipped.

   The WCLA deadlines approaching Monday, February 15, 2016 so teams can be eligible for the WCLA national tournament include:

1. Team application on file.

2. Dues and/or late fees paid.

3. League Presidents must submit league master schedules to LaxPower by this date. Any team playing prior to this date must submit its schedule to the league president for submission prior to its first game.

4. USL must have received team roster Eligibility Verification Form from the league president.

5. It is recommended that WCLA Team Roster Eligibility Verification Forms be submitted to the League Presidents by February 1, 2016 so that US Lacrosse may receive the rosters by February 15, 2016.

   The second issue for WCLA teams to be eligible for regular season games is that players must be listed on their Team Roster Eligibility Verification Form by February 15, 2016.

1. After February 15, teams may submit roster verification forms, however those players are not eligible for National Tournament. 

2. Member teams playing games prior to February 15, 2016 are responsible for adhering to all player eligibility rules and submitting their schedule to LaxPower prior to the start of play.

3. February 15, 2016 is the last date to drop/add a game. 

4. February 15, 2016 is the day to request for player and/or team exceptions or hardship waivers.

   Verne said you can consult the website for more information. 



   Welcome to the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League (WCLL), an intercollegiate club lacrosse organization, divided into two divisions, that represents 47 universities and colleges that stretch a geographic region from as far east as New York and west to Missouri. The WCLL, the largest club league in the continental United States, is beginning our 21st year of competition and we look forward to serving the many student-athletes in our conference. In the WCLL's long tenure, we have experienced the growth of womens' club lacrosse, whether watching a university club program transform into an NCAA scholarship opportunity or just witnessing a smaller club team enjoy the fruits of friendship, while competing in a shared experience. The WCLL's historical landscape is scattered with a number of successes and we're hopeful the trend will continue in 2016. We believe in our mission and fully support US Lacrosse and all that they represent. Our basic mission is simple:

     WCLL Mission Statement

         The mission of the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (WCLL) is to develop the athletic opportunities of its participants, nourish the educational challenges of scholastic life and enhance the collegiate experience. We should strive to provide our student-athletes with a positive and creative outlet for their athletic hopes and serve our membership because we believe that fellowship and sportsmanship have value. If you are interested in learning more about our WCLL or the Womens' College Lacrosse Association (WCLA), our national organization, please contact WCLL League President League President Gary Neft at 1.800.240.0178 or




   ATLANTA - If you are playing lacrosse in the WCLA this year, all student-athletes will be required to join US Lacrosse at a reduced rate, said organization officials. The cost of joining USL this year for WCLA members is $35, which is $15 less than standard rate for college students.

   All the WCLA student-athletes will receive the full measure of benefits from their memberships, which include the USL monthly magazine, Lacrosse, some limited liability insurance, a USL rulebook and an inside track to USL educational programs.

   If you are registering this year, you can download the USL pdf. that is located within this article. The membership registration code for this year is WCLA_2016. The $35 WCLA membership link will be active until February 15, 2016.

   USL and WCLA officials said those club players who have active memberships through May 31, 2016 will not have to renew as they are covered for the season. However, if they want to get the discounted rate for summer participation, they will need to renew by February 15, 2016. All renewals extend the current membership out 1 yr.

   WCLA officials provided these examples:

   1. Player A has a membership current through November 30, 2015 and renews September 30, 2015. Player A’s membership will now expire November 30, 2016.

    2. Player B has a membership current through May 31, 2016 and renews September 30, 2016. Player B’s membership will now expire May 31, 2017.



  DETROIT - There are a number of key pieces of information that are vital to the operation of the WCLL. Please note below the following and comply with the team requests because it will make overseeing the WCLL easier and it keeps our organization compliant with the WCLA. We do appreciate your cooperation. In this communication we have included a spreadsheet of the Division I-II teams divided by assignors.

  1. Leslie Porteous – Indiana & Missouri
  2. Margaret Carlson – Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota
  3. Sandi Stech – Ohio & Kentucky
  4. M.J. Mellott - Pennsylvania, New York & West Virginia
  5. Scott McPeake - Michigan 

   If you have not sent your seasonal schedules to Laxpower and your assignors, please do it now. Please send your tentative schedule for all home games in 2016 to your regional team assignor and me, Leslie Porteous. Please make sure to include date, time, location and opponent for each home match. Please note that the regional WCLL assignors are in the process of updating the WCLL team’s contact information and every league contact should be receiving a "Welcome Email" from Arbiter to verify your team information. Please take the time to review the US Lacrosse website and the WCLA website,, which is now launched. Please share and discuss the new rules with your team members and watch, for example, the video demonstrating shooting space  and defenders in the goal circle. Please review the new rules. Each team’s representatives need to review the WCLL website. All the documents that game officials use are located under the Umpire tab.  Be sure to know, as team representatives who host home games, what your responsibilities are for the visiting game officials. You should know the fees and policies for various situation like game changes or cancellations and make sure to contact your regional assigner by phone and email.