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    Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League

    2014 WCLL Conference Tournament



    Please click on the tournament tab at the top of our site for all the conference tournament info. Congrats to all teams that have been selected! We will see you next week!!

    Kind Regards


    WCLA post-season honor deadlines fast approaching, please act now....

    Several WCLA Recognition Committee deadlines are coming up in April. Please see below for a summary of deadlines and requirements: All forms on the WCLL WCLA link.
    April 6th, 2014 - Midseason All American STAT Submissions due to League Rec Committee Representative via email - please use the attached 'All American Nomination Spreadsheet' to compile your regular season or games to date stats for a midseason submission. Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet carefully. You may nominate as many players as you like. Please try to complete as much information as possible and send the file to me, as your rep, by the deadline. You will be submitting final nominations with all game stats entered again at the end of the season - so it is OK to leave some games blank.
    April 13th, 2014 postmark/email - Academic All American Nominations (for GPA 3.700 or higher) - please use the attached ' 2014 Academic All American Form' to submit nominations for any player who meets the GPA requirement. You must include a copy of your unofficial transcript with your nominations. This transcript may be emailed directly from your Registrar's Office or hard copy mailed directly to the Rec Committee Chair, Jennifer Lee. See contact information below:
    Mailing Address: 2480 Washington Street #503, San Francisco, CA 94115
    April 20th, 2014 
    Coach of the Year and Player of the Year Nominations due to League Rec Committee Rep via email - please use the attached 'WCLA Coach of the Year' and 'WCLA Player of the Year' forms to submit nominations for any coach or player who you would like to recognize. 
    Jenn Eames Team Award Nomination due to League Rec Committee Rep via email - please use the attached 'WCLA Jenn Eames Team Award' form to submit a nomination for your team, if you feel that your  program has worked hard to bring your team to the next level to contribute to the growth of women's lacrosse. 
    Final All American STAT Submissions due to League Rec Committee Rep via email - please continue to enter your stats for nominated players through the remainder of the season on the original midseason AA nomination spreadsheet. All forms are due by MIDNIGHT PST/ESTFailure to submit these forms on time will disqualify your players from All American consideration - NO EXCEPTIONS.
    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. All forms will be accessible on the WCLA website as well as in this email: WCLA Forms Link. You may also contact the Division 1 Recognition Committee Chair (Jennifer Lee - jtlee2@gmail.com) with questions or concerns.