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Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League

WCLL to hold annual meeting Sunday, November 9 at University of Toledo

   PITTSBURGH - The sun is still shining, but fall looms just over the horizon and so does the annual Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League's annual meeting. The WCLL board will stage its meeting at 10 am in the University of Toledo Student Center Sunday, November 9.

   Any team competing in the spring of 2015, will be required to attend the meeting, said WCLL president Gary Neft.

   The WCLL annual meeting will cover playing rules, scheduling, team travel, national and league championships and a wide variety of topics," Neft said.

   "We have a lot of ground to cover this year and we will begin the meeting promptly at 10 am in the student union," he said.

   The topic of conversation will include several rules changes for 2015. The Womens Collegiate Lacrosse Association (WCLA) adopted several NCAA rules to 'hopefully move the game along,' according to Neft.

   The 2015 WCLA rules will include entering the crease defensively, adding three times outs per game, dropping USL language on horizonital stick checks, uniform design requirements and checking defensively through the sphere. The rules will be adopted for fall ball, but will be official for the start of the 2015 WCLA and WCLL seasons and be a part of the USL rule book.

   Neft said the meeting will include a scheduling discussion and league re-alignment. He urged WCLL teams to begin the scheduling process before they come to Toledo. The WCLL will add an additional requirement for play dates (events that include four or more teams) by submitting those requests to Chris Carter, the WCLL vice president, two weeks before the WCLL meeting in Toledo Sunday, November 9. Teams not complying with this request for information will face sanctions, league authories have said. The penalty for not submitting play dates will be determined later this fall.

   For those interested in staying overnight in Toledo on Saturday, November 8, the WCLL board has reserved rooms at the Ramada Toledo Hotel and Conference Center, which is located at 3536 Secor Road, Toledo, Ohio 43606. Rooms, at $69 a night, can be reserved by calling 419-535-7070. The rooms will be held in a WCLL Speciality Block until October 21. For reference, you can you this internet address for more information: http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=ramada+toledo+conference+center&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8.

2014 WCLA Division I National Champions

2014 WCLA Division I National Champions

2014 WCLA Division I National Champions

2014 D1 & D2 WCLL All League Awards

Please click on the tab above titled awards. Select your respected division to see if you or your teammates were selected for 1st Team, 2nd Team, Honorable Mention, Rookie of the Year, and or Coach of the Year!!

Congrats to you all!!! Thank  you all for a great season!! Good luck to Pitt, OSU, Michigan, and Oakland in VA at the National Tourney!! Rep the WCLL proudly!!

See you all in November!!!


Gary Neft

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