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Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League

Vote for WCLL D1 Player Kate Mezwa & D2 Player Lindsay Barrett

With the opening whistles of practice for the spring 2015 collegiate lacrosse season looming just on the other side of the holidays, its time to take a look at who the best and brightest may be for the season to come. Lacrosse Magazine has selected five finalists for each division in NCAA and the MCLA/WCLA club ranks, but we'd like to know where you think things will shape up.

Both the men's and women's Tewaaraton winners are returning to the field in Lyle Thompson and Taylor Cummings, but past success doesn't guarantee future results, as we all know. We'll be making our selections as well, with our picks and vote totals coming out in the January (WCLA/MCLA) and February (NCAA) issues of LM. 

Voting is open through the end of 2014, so make your picks!

Happy Holidays to our WCLL peers and please check the fine print.....

Please note all of the upcoming WCLL and WCLA deadlines and adhere to those time frames for this upcoming spring because league play begins in less than eight weeks. The WCLL board would like to wish you and yours the best holiday season. Be safe and please read the fine print listed below.

   DETROIT - There are a number of key pieces of information that are vital to the operation of the WCLL. Please note below the following and comply with the team requests because it will make overseeing the WCLL easier and it keeps our organization compliant with the WCLA. We do appreciate your cooperation.

In this communication we have included a spreadsheet of the Division I & II teams divided by assignors.

Leslie Porteous – Head Assignor – Indiana & Missouri

Margaret Carlson – Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota

Sandi Stech – Ohio & Kentucky

MJ Mellott - Pennsylvania, New York & West Virginia

Scott McPeake - Michigan 

The first major deadline is Friday, December 12, 2014, or sooner if you please. Please send your tentative schedule for all home games in 2015 to your regional team assignor and me, Leslie Porteous. Please make sure to include date, time, location and opponent for each home match. 

Please note that the regional WCLL assignors are in the process of updating the WCLL team’s contact information and every league contact should be receiving a "Welcome Email" from Arbiter to verify your team information.  

Please take the time to review the US Lacrosse website and the WCLA website, which is being launched in mid-December. Please share and discuss the new rules with your team members and watch, for example, the video demonstrating shooting space  and defenders in the goal circle. Please review the new rules.

Each team’s representatives need to review the WCLL website. All the documents that game officials use are located under the Umpire tab.  Be sure to know, as team representatives who host home games, what your responsibilities are for the visiting game officials. You should know the fees and policies for various situation like game changes or cancellations and make sure to contact your regional assigner by phone and email. Please include Leslie Porteous in your communication to any regional assigner.

Please reach out if you have any questions and have a great season.

WCLL Board

Leslie Porteous – Head WCLL Asssignor

League Deadlines

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