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Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League

2021 Season update as of 1-26-21

As you may be aware the 2021 season will not be a sanctioned season due to the situation with COVID. That being said, please understand that the WCLL will not be taking responsibility for those teams who are choosing to move forward with participating in any events (practice, games, play days, etc). It is the responsibility of the team or teams participating to follow any rules and regulations set forth by their school, local community, state, or nationally. This includes temperature checks, limiting spectators/staff, informing participants of possible exposure, etc. The WCLL does not have control over the COVID rules set forth by any of the above.

The WCLL Board is always available to help how we can. However, teams need to be aware that due to the season not being sanctioned the board does not have the control over situations that may occur within or between teams, during games, between a team and an official, or other potential situations that occur during the season. It is the responsibility of the teams to ensure proper compliance of the COVID restrictions.

With that being said, the WCLL Board will communicate via the website and e-mail any updates given from Nationals (WCLA), as well as information looking forward to the fall ‘21/spring ‘22 season.

If you have not responded to the survey, please do soon as soon as possible (link below). This will help the teams who are scheduling to be able to reach out to other teams. Those teams who are participating in competition, please contact MJ to find out about available refs. Also note, ref payment is the responsibility of the host team (or however payment arrangements are made between the teams). With COVID making things difficult to plan a solid schedule, understand that it is still expected that if a cancellation needs to occur that teams and officials will be contacted no later than 24hrs in advance to the start of the game.

As a reminder the listed bullet points below are from the update earlier this year. 

•The WCLA (nationals) has decided to cancel the national championship at the end of the regular season. 

•The WCLL has also decided to cancel the league playoffs at the end of the regular season. 

•Dues (national dues and the portion of league dues as stated before) are being rolled over to the 2021-2022 season. If this is an issue for your team, please contact a member of the WCLL board to further discuss. 

•We are working to have an independent season this spring. What that means for the teams right now: teams will be allowed to play in a “season” however, the start time of the season will be moved back to later in the spring semester. The season will not count towards a players 4 year eligibility. The usual dues per season will not be collected as they are already being rolled over (see previous point above). 

Below you can find a list of teams that have stated if they are participating in some capacity for 2021.

~The WCLL Board

Please fill out the form below regarding

the spring season.  


Teams - please fill out this quick google doc. This will assist the board in having a better understanding of our league for the spring season. Keep in mind, several of the questions are regarding covid and covid precautions. We know many of you are waiting on your school to provide you more information of what they will or will not allow this spring. Please answer the questions once your school have given you the precautions or an answer as to when they will make the final determination.

Teams participating in 2021 (results for those who have filled out the survey above) Note-teams who responded yes, may have travel/game/practice restrictions. If scheduling games, see contact info tab to reach out to teams.

Team Yes No Still waiting
Ohio University X
Xavier X
Toledo X
Notre Dame X-practice only
Central MI X
Duquesne X
Loyola-Chi X
Bowling Green X
Grand Valley State Univ. X-practice only
Univ of IL-Chi X
Wheaton X
Western MI X-practice, games TBD
Michigan X-practice only
Oakland X-practice, games TBD
Ball St. X
Miami of OH X-practice only
IL State X
Ohio St. X
Minnesota X
Michigan St X
Taylor X-games pending approval
Univ of IL-Urbana/Champaign X
Cincinnati X
Eastern MI X
Univ. of Pittsburg X-limited travel
Illinois St. X-practice only
Univ of WI-Madison X-practice only
West Virginia University X-scrimmages

     Welcome to the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League (WCLL), an intercollegiate club lacrosse organization, divided into two divisions, that represents 48 universities and colleges that stretch a geographic region from as far east as New York and west to Missouri and from the Canadian border to Kentucky. The WCLL, the largest club league in the continental United States, is beginning our 27th year of competition and we look forward to serving the many student-athletes in our conference. In the WCLL's long tenure, we have experienced the growth of womens' club lacrosse, whether watching a university club program transform into an NCAA scholarship opportunity or just witnessing a smaller club team enjoy the fruits of friendship, while competing in a shared experience. The WCLL's historical landscape is scattered with a number of successes and we're hopeful the trend will continue in 2020. We believe in our mission and fully support US Lacrosse and all that they represent. 

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