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2022 Season News

Please visit this section often for news of helpful links to things pertaining to all teams in the WCLL. 

Google form links: 

Contact information update -

Playday Form (this is for MJ to get officials assigned to your event)


Single Game Form (For MJ to assign officials to your single games)


Ref costs per WCLL for 2022 - see officials section for blank invoice

Those of you hosting play days, officials for those events are *2 person crew, $135 per official. *3 person crew, $120 per official. 

~The WCLL Board


    TOLEDO -  The WCLL teams will be required to input rosters, schedules, contact information and home field site. The second important detail that club team boards should know about is the WCLA 2020 Roster Verification form, which is due March 1, 2020.

   Each team will be required to complete, in full, a roster verification form which includes players name and number, a signature and university or college registrar's seal and signature of approval that all of the players meet the minimal WCLA-USL requirements. The roster verifications have to be mailed to WCLL president before February 28, 2020. The early deadline was created so WCLL organizers can review and mail the league's verification forms to national before March 1, 2020, the national deadline. Any team not complying with the deadline will be temporarily suspended from the league until they meet this requirement.

    Normand asked that all teams please send roster verification forms as soon as possible. "Any help you can give us by sending it in early will be appreciated," he said. There is a link to a blank WCLA Roster Verification Form at the bottom of this communication.

    The WCLL teams competing in the spring of 2020 will be responsible for the following items:

1. Roster Verification by March 1, 2020

2. Register for the WCLA website ( 

3. Provide a list of team contacts. Click the link for the google form to provide contacts.

4. Provide a map or list where home games are played.

5. Provide a complete roster on the website.  

6. Provide statistics for each player for games played.


There are also forms to fill out for single home games, home game cancellations, visiting team cancellations, playday forms, game changes, and mis. questions. 

Single Game Form: 

Playday Form:

Game Changes:

Home Team Cancellations:

Visiting Team Cancellations:

Misc. Questions:






WCLA Team Membership Form - was due December 1st, 2021. If you have not filled this out yet, please follow this link asap! You will need your USA Lacrosse membership number.

WCLA Roster Verification Form - was to WCLL President by February 15th. Late forms are to be mail to USA Lacrosse c/o Liz Piper-WCLA. Copies of the form can be found here:

USA Lacrosse Memberships - Please see for full info and dates. 

WCLL League Dues - If you have not paid yet please contact Chris Carter for the venmo information or checks payable to Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League and mail to Chris Carter 11202 Sylvania Ave., Berkey, OH 43504. Chris' email is if you have questions. 


Cincinnati, Dayton, Depaul, IUP

WCLL REGIONAL PLAYOFFS - April 15 & 16th, UWM Sports Complex, Pontiac, MI 

WCLA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT - May 4th-7th, Round Rock, TX

Last but not least, game schedules. Please fill out the forms (listed below) for single games and play days or follow the links send via email from MJ as soon as possible!!! We are extremely short handed on refs this year and need all the time possible to get your games scheduled and refs assigned. Last minute additions will be difficult to schedule officials. 

UWM Sports Complex host location for 2022 Playoffs

Playoffs for 2022 will be held at UWM Sports Complex, 867 S Blvd E, Pontiac, MI 48341. Games will begin Friday, April 15th at 5pm and run all day Saturday, April 16th.  

See below for the playoff schedule.