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Wayne State University

Regular Season 2012-2013
2012-2013 x Regular Season

Wayne State University Women's Club Lacrosse

Season Opener ( Feb 1st WSU vs. GVSU)

Wayne State University Officers

Position Name Email Phone Number
President Kathleen Terrian 248-982-5663
Vice President Kara Cox 248-497-2155
Secretary Emily Engelbrecht 616-214-6694
Treasurer Caylie Williams 734-934-0699

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Wayne State University

Wayne State University Women's Club Lacrosse

Wayne State University's Womens Club Lacrosse team began in 2010, and our first season took place in the Winter Semester of 2011.

Our season is in the spring during the months of February-April.

We are part of the WCLL - Division 2 - Northeast Division

Teams we have versed in the past have been: Oakland University, University of Michigan, Albion, Grand Valley State University, University of Toledo, John Carroll University, and many more. We usually travel in Michigan and Ohio for our games.

We are non discriminate about playing experience, anyone who is willing to learn is welcome. In the off-season we condition and work with new players on their skills to ready them for the season. Also during the off-season is when we do the majority of our fundraising as well as having a few scrimmages take place.

We are a Division II club team in the WCLA (Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Associates), which is a branch under the WDIA (Women's Division Intercollegiate Associates), ultimately associating us with US Lacrosse.

If you're interested please e-mail us at:


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