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About the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League

     Welcome to the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League (WCLL), an intercollegiate club lacrosse organization, divided into two divisions, that represents 45 universities and colleges that stretch a geographic region from as far east as New York and west to Missouri and from the Canadian border to Kentucky. The WCLL, the largest club league in the continental United States, is beginning our 26th year of competition and we look forward to serving the many student-athletes in our conference. In the WCLL's long tenure, we have experienced the growth of womens' club lacrosse, whether watching a university club program transform into an NCAA scholarship opportunity or just witnessing a smaller club team enjoy the fruits of friendship, while competing in a shared experience. The WCLL's historical landscape is scattered with a number of successes and we're hopeful the trend will continue in 2020. We believe in our mission and fully support US Lacrosse and all that they represent.


   The mission of the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (WCLL) is to develop the athletic opportunities of its participants, nourish the educational challenges of scholastic life and enhance the collegiate experience. We should strive to provide our student-athletes with a positive and creative outlet for their athletic hopes and serve our membership because we believe that fellowship and sportsmanship have value. If you are interested in learning more about our WCLL or the Womens' College Lacrosse Association (WCLA), our national organization, please contact Kim Barber at or 269-832-6366


   SEATTLE - Every team in the WCLA that needs access to the organization's website, and more specifically their own individual team page, must register on the link that is provided with this story.  "If your team or players have already registered for the WCLA 2020 spring season, congratulations and thanks. But in order to enter schedules, rosters and the required league information, an individual from each team will have to register as a team's webmaster," said Greg Normand, the WCLL president.

   Normand said registering as a WCLA webmaster for each team is a must immediately and access to the individual team page will take about 24 hours, provided the website isn't slammed with requests. Each team webmaster will be given access to their college or university page. The link for registering WCLA webmasters is 


   SPARKS, MARYLAND - The WCLA governance is 'cracking down a bit,' on the use or non-use of the WCLA website, said members of the WCLA governing subcommittee. The WCLA website has been in existence for two years, entering its third year, and the national subcommittee is hoping to get a larger percentage of member teams involved in the process. The national subcommittee has mandated some basic rules for using the site and requirements by member teams who compete in the WCLA.

   The national subcommittee is now requiring all WCLA teams to input six categories on the website if they want to be eligible for post-season honors or the WCLA National Championships,' said Liz Holmes, the WCLA subcommittee president.

   The required areas of information for the WCLA website are:

1. Register for the WCLA website.

2. Provide a complete game schedule.

3. Provide a list of team contacts.

4. Provide a map or list where home games are played.

5. Provide a complete roster on the website.

6. Provide statistics for each player for games played.

  The idea to provide the basic information to improve communications between teams, said WCLA subcommittee spokesman. Teams can register on the WCLA website at and there is an 18-minute tutorial to assist you through the registration process. You can manage your team page once registered and the WCLA webmaster has granted access to your specific pages. Another aspect of registering is providing an online game schedule. After entering games online, opponents for each game must accept the game for it to appear on the WCLA website. Team contacts and game locations must be listed for the obvious reasons and rosters should be completed as part of the registration process. If you fail to observe these five requirements, teams will not be invited to the WCLA national championships.